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Tablet PC anti-theft device

Tablet PC anti-theft device

Product size: 200 * 180 * 140 (L * W * H unit mm)
The main material: industrial plastic, cast iron

Tablet PC security display stand, also known as the Tablet PC anti-theft devices, this product is mainly used to display a variety of sizes tablet PCs, beautiful shape for easy access, and with an alarm function.


1, the Cikuan IPAD anti-theft display stand, the appearance of simple aesthetics, technology leadership.
2, U-shaped frame above a specially designed non-slip stickers, to prevent the decline in the Tablet PC, need only lightly on the top, it is
3, the product is unique hook to protect the head, and can extend the service life to prevent the theft.
4, remote control with another two buttons, the same function, so you can extend the service life.
5, the green light turns red, suggesting that power, the green light is not illuminated representatives did not enter the work state.
6, USB interface, charging two hours, standby 1 year lithium batteries simply charging, do not have to change the batteries regularly.
7, surface surface piano paint technology uses a dedicated engineering plastic materials, elegant appearance, full grade.
8 special customized lines, pull carts without deformation, uniform and long service life.
9, the space beneath the installed sensor switch, tamper burglar.
10,3 M the glue fixed, easy to replace.